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    Pedestrian Safety

    Pedestrian Safety

    Stay safe when you're out walking and running by seeing and hearing your surroundings, lighting yourself up and making yourself heard.

    Running is not a contact sport....generally speaking. But when it does becomes a contact sport, the end result can be fatal. You may have the right away, however, it won't make a difference if the driver of a car hits you. While our sport is not completely protected from hazards, there are a few things we can practice to increase our safety while out on the road or trails.

    For the road, cyclist travel with cars in the same direction. Runners should run against traffic. You need to see an oncoming car before they see you so that you can get out of the way! This alone won't protect you but we have some products that will also increase your safety. If you must listen to music or podcasts or whatever, do so responsibly. Use bluetooth Shokz so that you can still hear your surroundings.


    Reflective Gear. BE SEEN!!! Bright neon colors increase visibility just when the sun is setting or rising. Reflection at 360 degrees can make the difference of just a few seconds for a moving vehicle to adjust their path.

    The Amphipod Full Viz Reflective Hat or Brooks Reflective Half Zip are simple examples of our Be Seen Category. You can find many others on our Pedestrian Safety Collection shop page. It's important for a car's lights to see you from all angles when running in the dark; front, side and back.

    With our shorter days, many of us need to run in the dark. Illuminate your run with a head lamp, hand held flash light, or Night Runners which attach to your shoes and light your path.

    Unfortunately we live in a world where the runner or worker need to defend themselves from predators. In the unfortunate event that you or a loved one has an encounter, we offer a siren. It is a simple hand held device with a string. When the string is pulled, a piercing sound will startle a would-be predator, alerting nearby help, and give you the time needed to escape a potential crisis.

    We don't want to discourage you from getting outside to run at whatever time you can. We just want to share a few last minute safer practices: Group running or with a friend. Well lit areas. Bring your phone. Let someone you trust know your route before you take off and your expected return. Pay attention to your surroundings.

    View our calendar for a few group meetups in our area.


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