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  • Onsite Form Clinics

    Got a group that’s interested in staying fit, injury free and running more efficiently?

    We do free on-site Form Clinics that are customized to fit your needs. A free form clinic is a perfect fit for (but not limited to):
    • Employee Health Incentives & Education
    • Military Groups
    • Gym & Fitness Center Staff Training
    • Gym & Fitness Center Member Programs
    • Schools & Youth Programs
    • Sports Programs & Teams
    • College Clubs & Recreation Groups

    Common Questions:

    How many people do we need in our group to schedule a free Onsite Form Clinic?
    Get your group of 10 or more people together and we will come to you.

    What do you provide?
    Our level of education and service for your group depends on your needs and the type of participants we will be working with.
    • 20 or less participants: Hands on clinic with video analysis, technique training and seminar
    • 20-50 participants: Some hands on training with video analysis and seminar
    • 50 + participants: Seminar only

    Participants get (not limited to):
    • Valuable information to live healthier, be injury free and inspiration to get/stay active
    • Special savings on professionally fit shoes and gear
    • Gait Analysis
    • Video Analysis
    • Run/Walk Technique Training
    • Nutritional Information
    • Stretching & Recovery Systems

    Depending on your goals with your group we will tailor our presentation and clinic to your needs.

    How do I schedule a Form Clinic?
    Email drlynne@getmovingpt.com or call (850)810-4815 today to get your free Form Clinic scheduled.

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