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  • Mackenzie's Favorites

    Originally from Orlando, FL Mackenzie is now a student at UWF and is pursuing a degree in Sport Management while minoring in Marketing and Sport & Exercise Psychology. Her favorite place to run is around UWF campus and downtown Pensacola. She's a huge sports and loves watching college football (Go Dawgs!), MLB, NHL. When she was younger, running wasnt her favorite thing to do; but after graduating high school and moving to Pensacola, she needed a new outlet to release stress from college. She found that running was the most helpful to release that stress. She likes working at running wild because of the people she has met and the culture of the workplace. She appreciates her coworkers that are super motivating and want to see her succeed. Fun Fact: She races outboard hydroplane boats during the summers and has been doing that since I was 14.

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